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The Victor-Ruffy Roadworks-Themed Botanical Garden

Posted in I can't believe I'm complaining about this by David Wylie on June 25, 2007

The Victor-Ruffy Roadworks-Themed Botanical Garden

Originally uploaded by Dame Margot Fonteyn.

Cheeky wee maths question;

If one hundred and fifty men changing sewage and water supplies can choke the traffic on the three main arteries into a town for four months, how long can a team of five or six men in miniature diggers and really weird hats hold the same town in the same stranglehold? And the answer is…..

friggin’ years! I can’t believe how long it’s taken, how few people are ever visible doing the job, and the cherry on the cake, the magnificent coordination job somebody did in getting the other two main routes dug up at the same time.

I’d like to thank you, whoever you are, oh king of coordination, from the bottom of my gas struts and exhaust mounts.


Is it “To See Ourselves as Others See Us” or “See Ourselves as we See Ourselves”?

Posted in rambling cack by David Wylie on June 14, 2007

Banish Photographers From Schools

Originally uploaded by Dame Margot Fonteyn.

I had a week off work. (the technical term is “a wee cough”) I spent the week going back and forward to the school to drop off the kids, pick up the kids, drop them back off again, give them lollies and chocolate for lunch. Watch daytime TV (crikey) I managed to recognise some of Pook’s pals from this very labour-intensive but low budget school photo he came home with.

I’m fighting to keep my blog off the crash barriers. My enlightened friend CP told me I wouldn’t last. How can I have writers block? I’d have to be a writer. Anyway, this has to be a bad sign, writing in a blog about writing in a blog.