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I r a Moron

Posted in rambling cack by David Wylie on April 30, 2007

I’ve read some incredible books, and enjoyed them. I’ve been to the theatre, enjoyed mind blowing plays. I’ve seen some amazing films, become bleary eyed at the opera. I’ve seen the northern lights from my bicycle. I’ve seen the mist roll from a mountain early on a cold Scottish morning. I’ve held back tears listening to an orchestra playing Holst. I enjoy good food, I have a discerning taste in friends, and know how to develop a conversation. This is only the clean stuff. In short, I believe I am a fairly well evolved, balanced individual.
How is then that when I notice that the word “Subaru” is “Urabus” backwards, that I take a photo of this word, go home, spend half an hour footering with the picture until it does indeed say “Urabus”, and then spend five minutes laughing at my oeuvre? As vic Reeves used to say, “I’m simple I am, but happy”


The Evil Twin

Posted in rambling cack by David Wylie on April 6, 2007

I wonder if Migros will copyright the tack. Denner isn’t just Migros’ evil twin, the red interior, aged floor tiles, the absurd, unfathomable crowd control device at the door, a hellish chrome and red plastic barrier that prevents anyone with children coming inside (not that that’s a problem, because the big market share items are made for consenting, sinning big people; a wall of cigarettes, booze, cigars, potato crisps with some of the most long chain trans-saturated fats known to man. A whisky called “Bag Piper” which lists its ingredients as “alcohol, flavourings”) When you queue, reflecting on the obsolete “don’t steal” signs, you can’t help wondering if your complexion looks as bad as your co-shoppers, reflected in the strange red omnipresent hue, made to resonate with the broken facial veins associated with industrial alcohol consumption or impending cardiac implosion.

Apart from all that, great shop…