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Now Michael Schumacher Does His Shopping in Hornbach, Who’s Going to be the Most Mental?

Posted in rambling cack by David Wylie on March 17, 2007

Now Michael Schumacher Does His Shopping in Hornbach, Who’s Going to be the Most Mental?

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Friday, best day of the week (in a poll conducted informally at work yesterday) is the day when the longest-coffee-break-of-the-week-by-at-least-30-minutes takes place. The discussion is generally buoyed by the fact that the whistle will soon blow, announcing the beginning of the feek-end. Yesterday was no exception. The arrival of spring improved the joviality content by up to 8%. “What are you doing this weekend?” All manner of wholly respectable activities are brandished around the table, walks in the mountains, cycle trips, carnivals, all that good wholesome stuff. This is what I said; “I’m getting up at three in the morning to watch the formula 1 on television – it’s live from Australia” The reaction surprised me. You’d have thought I’d said “I’m going to slaughter my son’s pet rabbit in a voodoo stylee and fry it in trans unsaturated fat” People don’t like formula 1. They’re not even indifferent to it, they don’t like it one little bit, and they are suspicious of people who do. I don’t care (I do a wee bit) One of my colleagues spotted the small, but perfectly formed ex racing driver Michael Schumacher DIY shopping in Etoy recently. That means he’s lost it completely. Other drivers may now win races. I can’t wait to watch the GP tonight. I shall phone my brother at the beginning of the race, and we will speak our special West Highland code to each other on the empty nighttime phone lines until somebody wins the race, and David Coulthard inevitably complains that it wasn’t his fault that it wasn’t him (sort of a fat lady singing equivalent).