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Our local psychiatric hospital has been taking a bit of a beating recently. A member of staff went anonymously to the press to complain about what they considered to be rotten institutional policy in as far as violence management is concerned. I don’t expect they thought the thing through. Psychiatry is emerging from its dark ages, stigma is still one of the fundamental barriers to the demystification and treatment of some of the most horrific illnesses still haunting our sun-kissed countryside. People trying to deal with problems arising from psychiatric illness don’t need this kind of nonsense. Anyone who has had to convince a mentally ill friend or relative to seek treatment knows what I’m rabbiting on about. You have to wonder about what personal issues drive a mental health professional to bring the business into disrepute. Whistleblowing culture smells. I was up at the hospital today. Motivated, innovative people are feeling even more uncomfortable than usual because of all this nonsense. Psychiatry is difficult enough without all the wee vanity issues that appear to be whirling round this particularly ugly little episode. My, we have come a long way…


2007 F1 Constructors Championship Winners

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Ferrari Shop. One for the Price of Twenty

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With several races still to go, his year’s FI constructors championship was won in the courts. Well actually in a strange kind of hearing with what Tony Blair might have called “legalness”. The sport seems to have been plunged into a credibility crisis, characterised by lots and lots of ad hominem argumentation. It reminds me of wrestling on a Saturday afternoon on World of Sport on ITV when I was just a wee garçon. My Gran was a pundit. The rules were a sort of universal natural justice system, the whole thing was to be enjoyed in black and white, mostly good guy versus bad guy stuff. The F1 arguments seem to be so polarised over what seems to be someone wanting clarification over a practice that seems to have been part of high level motorsport competition for donkey’s years – copying each others cars. I was really lucky and got to see the Italian GP this year in Monza. It cost a fortune. I really enjoyed it, I love F1 grand prix racing, and bore lots of people to death going at length about it (maybe you too, dear reader).
Anyway. What I’m trying to say is that I’m a bit disappointed by all this nonsense. Did anyone see the documentary on BBC last night about Factory Records? Wasn’t Anthony Wilson such a complete bumcracker?

The Victor-Ruffy Roadworks-Themed Botanical Garden

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The Victor-Ruffy Roadworks-Themed Botanical Garden

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Cheeky wee maths question;

If one hundred and fifty men changing sewage and water supplies can choke the traffic on the three main arteries into a town for four months, how long can a team of five or six men in miniature diggers and really weird hats hold the same town in the same stranglehold? And the answer is…..

friggin’ years! I can’t believe how long it’s taken, how few people are ever visible doing the job, and the cherry on the cake, the magnificent coordination job somebody did in getting the other two main routes dug up at the same time.

I’d like to thank you, whoever you are, oh king of coordination, from the bottom of my gas struts and exhaust mounts.