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What facial care products could you not live without?

Posted in incredulous nonsense, rambling cack by David Wylie on January 11, 2007

I haven’t read anything except work stuff this year. Actually that’s not true. I read an article in ‘Red’ magazine, a memorable publication that can be found in our toilet (for ladies). The only thing I retained from ‘Red’ magazine was a question from an interview. “What facial care products could you not live without”. Fortunately, my sense of absurdity was switched on, so our guests for the evening were spared the rant. What facial care products could you not live without?

Tonight I really went for it and read a whole magazine, one that wasn’t in the toilet. It was ‘the Word’ a magazine that seems to be the work of peeps that wrote for ‘Q Magazine’ and the ‘NME’ back in the good old days when you could store anything between 1 and 10 songs on a (harrumph) portable music player. Anyway, this ‘the Word’ magazine was entertaining. I’m going to move up to a book. My post Christmas concentration levels are increasing. Tina’s neighbour in Englestan once said “once you’ve read one book, you’ve read them all”.

Here is the weather forecast, sponsored by the Reformed Church of the Canton de Vaud;

As it is unhealthily warm for the season, then by celestial law, it’s going to get really really bad soon. We’re going to pay! Pay! The 24heures front page proclaiming that we are to suffer at a later date (unspecified) was a manifestation of the general discomfort felt by God-fearing people all over the Canton “they say it’ll be really harsh in February, March…blah blah…short summer…blah blah…” “they” of course being every molecule in your body, and the molecules in the body of the colleague you had coffee with this morning.

If it does actually get bad, please feel free to mock me. I’ll start an ‘I told you so’ category.

Wow. Rather a lot to say for myself this evening.


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